Calypso Grill - Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman's best fish and seafood restaurant

11:00 AM - 9:30 PM
~ Serving brilliant fare ALL DAY! ~
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Our Story

Blue French doors open out on to the wide deck overlooking Morgan’s Harbour. Soft breezes flow in from the Sound. Views of fishing boats lazing back to their docks, with frigates soaring above, are your accompaniments to leisurely lunches and delightful dinners. This is the Calypso Grill experience out in West Bay and what a charming and delicious experience it is.

The color schemes are bold red, bold blues and orange throughout with shuttered window seats along the main dining room and French doors along the sea – kept ajar to capture the ever present breeze. By day the sun fills the room, the water sparkles and the play of colors equals the splendor of the outdoors. By night Calypso Grill enjoys the most comfortable and magical feeling on the island.

Chef George Fowler, “the Heart” of the restaurant, is aided by his excellent kitchen staff in producing consistently delightful menus. The fresh fish comes in daily from the next door dock and is prepared grilled, blackened or sautéed. There are daily specials such as Wahoo Escoveitch, Grilled Ginger Tuna, and Lobster & Shrimp Champagne, to name a few. For those more “Turf” orientated, chicken, duck, lamb and beef dishes are also available. Desserts are wonderful with the Chef’s “Sticky Toffee Pudding” famous on the island.

Calypso Grill is just a 10 minute run by car through the West Bay countryside with its raucous parrots, roosters and the odd cow.

Chef George’s celebrated cookbook, GOING DOWN STICKY TOFFEE LANE, is 150 pages of his most-asked-for recipes aling with colourful Calypso Grill photos plus stories from his illustrious career. Signed copies are available at Calypso Grill as well as at fine book stores in Grand Cayman.

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